25 Percent of Oral Cancer Patients Pass Away

Oral Cancer PatientsPoor oral or dental health can cause a lot of dental conditions and disorders and one of the most dangerous and even fatal can appear to be oral cancer. That is why each patient should visit a dentist on a regular basis to have a chance to diagnose this disease early and to get the needed treatment.

According to the statistics provided by The American Dental Association, 25 percent of patients that has oral cancer will pass away from this disease. It is a serious disease that can affect different parts of your oral cavity including lips, tongue and cheeks. The significance of your regular dental visits is great as any dentist will check you for signs of oral cancer.

The symptoms of this disease are numerous and among them you can find sores, lumps and bumps located in your mouth. Among rare oral cancer symptoms, you may notice pain in the face or neck, sudden oral bleeding or your personal changes in voice. At the same time you need to pay attention to a sort of white or reddish spots in your mouth.

These spots can usually indicate early stages of oral cancer development. If these spots are identified on time you will have a chance to prevent oral cancer with removing these cancer cells. If you are a heavy smoker, you need to give up this habit immediately. The American Cancer Society confirms that any smoker is seven times more expected to have oral cancer if compared to non-smokers. You also need to pay attention to alcohol you consume and reduce it to the minimum. You also need to avoid any direct sunbeams.

The ultraviolet rays can really increase the risk of oral cancer symptoms. Additionally, it is better to take an oral self-examination once a month. All you need is just a mirror to check if you have these reddish or white lesions. If you find something suspicious, you need to immediately address your dentist and to receive the proper dental care.

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