3D X-ray Dentistry for Better Diagnosing

3D X-ray DentistryIf you feel dental pain, you need to be ready to treat it as soon as possible. The first thing to do is not to ignore the pain you have especially if it comes from a broken tooth. Small pain may turn to be a real problem within some time but it is rather hard to identify the main cause of the dental problem. Pain is also may be caused by a cracked tooth and it is almost impossible to define. Pain caused by a cracked tooth may last a long time before it gets really acute.

The greatest danger of the pain is that your cracked tooth may get worse in pain and then acute inflammation may happen as well. Nowadays, thanks to such advanced dental equipment as a 3D X-ray dentistry machine, the process of identifying cracks in teeth becomes easier and with no mistakes. Due to the chance to identify cracks and to use all the possible ways of treating your dental problems, dentists get an alternative to simple extraction of your cracked tooth.

This machine called 3D X-ray Dentistry will provide a dentist with a number of options that may help identify the main cause of dental pain. Among these options, a dentist will be able to have panoramic views of the mouth, computed tomography as well as cephalometric (head-measuring) imaging option. Thanks to these opportunities, a dentist will have a chance to determine how deep the crack in a tooth is and to take the only one right decision on how to treat it.

If the crack is not so deep, a dentist will not need to remove the tooth but to fix a crown. It is a great chance to save numerous teeth and a patient will not suffer any more pain. As a result, 3D X-ray Dentistry is a new step in diagnosing and treatment of dental problems.

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