900 Dental Professionals Needed for Rendering Free Dental Services

Free Dental ServicesVolunteers are needed for a project of a 36-hour free dental clinic. Any person who has a need for professional dental care services and who does not have money for them will have a chance to fix all the dental problems in September. These free dental services will be rendered for 24 hours a day. That is why any person who can provide assistance for free is invited to take part in this project. The free dental clinic will be arranged by the N.C. Mission of Mercy and will take place in the Charlotte Convention Center. The main mission of this clinic will be to serve 2,500 grownups that need emergency dental care services but do not have money for them.

Patients will be able to get proper dental services for 36 hours and the clinic will be open day and night. That is why this project needs professional dental assistants, hygienists, dentists and lab technicians who would work 8 hours during one shift. Organizer plan that there will be 100 dental chairs and not a single dentist will have a rest for 36 hours. Besides, about 200 health professionals will be needed to do such tasks as x-rays and health screenings.

Additionally, there is also a need in about 400 volunteers who would be able to render organizational and support services including translating mainly from Spanish and other languages and helping people find a service they need most.

Considering the needed number of dentists, organizers plan to involve 900 dental professionals with a lot of experience. That is why the clinic will be grateful to any person who can donate time and strength to help in arranging all the dental supplies. The dentists will take advantage of the space donation provided by the Convention Center that will function round-the-clock.

Address: Charlotte, Charlotte Convention Center at 12:01 a.m. Sept. 5
Duration: 36 hours

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