Access to Dental Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities Not Enough

Adults with Developmental DisabilitieIt’s not a secret that grown-ups with developmental disabilities have a great need in access to dental care but these people have significant oral disease problems despite of it. That is why researchers from the Tufts University School of Medicine decided to conduct a large scale research to find out the real reasons for an increased number of dental problems in people with developmental disabilities. The results of this study appeared to be a bit unexpected.

The support should not only be provided to people with developmental disabilities but for caregivers as well. Researchers also point out that expanded access to dental care services is not the only thing needed for beneficial dental health results. According to the research, there appears to be a great need for additional training for caregivers in the sphere of oral and dental health. This vulnerable population is predisposed to have such oral problems as gum infection, cavities and tooth loss.

That is why caregivers need to provide the proper support and assistance if a person cannot brush the teeth independently. At the same time, a lot of caregivers marked that the problems with behavior in association with adults with developmental disabilities are the main obstacle that prevents the people from receiving the proper oral and dental health.

A lot of people with developmental disabilities do not follow recommendations of the American Dental Association in respect to brushing and flossing. The proper education should be provided to people with developmental disabilities to let them get at-home oral care in order to prevent all the possible oral health problems.

The research team concluded that caregivers play a great role in promoting good dental health and caregivers need to get all the possible tools and guidance to provide the needed dental care. Caregivers should also be provided with information on how to use fluoridated toothpaste more effectively.

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