Cal Expo’s Building D to Turn into Dental Clinic

dental services onlineThere are a lot of state supported dental programs as Adult Denti-Cal and Medicaid but they are not properly funded which causes a lot of people to be left without dental care services. Poor access to dental care is observed in a lot of American states.

The government takes certain measures and restores partially such dental programs as Denti-Cal but these measures are not enough to change the situation with low-income people. That is why there are a lot of volunteering dentists that provide the needed dental care services without the purpose of getting additional profits. Such an event will take place on Friday and Saturday.

People will be able to get such free dental services as cleanings, replacing front teeth, root channels and dentures. The event will take place at Cal Expo’s Building D where dentists and assistants will be providing free dental services. Patients who experience serious dental problems will be able to visit this building at 5:30 A.M. Dentists do not hope that it will be an easy day for them and they are prepared to meet about 2,000 patients.

The whole building will be transformed into a dental clinic where all the necessary equipment and special lightning will be delivered. Patients who suffer from diabetes and uncontrolled blood pressure may not take part in the event and some doctors ask those patients to take the necessary medications as prescribed. You do not have to worry even about parking your car as it is going to be free for these days. Even people who do not know English will be able to use the services of interpreters to explain the issues they have. Such events help people restore their oral and dental health to become active members of the working society.

What: Free Dental Services
Location: Cal Expo’s Building D
Contact Details: (877) 516-8854

Photo by Bobek (This file was derived from: Dental fluorosis.jpg:) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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