Californian Kids Do Not Get Dental Care

Dental Care for kidsThe state supported dental program called Denti-Cal seemed to be rather promising for children from low-income families in California. It was supposed to provide basic dental care for more than five million kids. But about half of them could not get any oral health care coverage because of reduced reimbursement rates in relation to dentists who were supposed to serve patients on Denti-Cal.

That is the reason why millions of Californian kids could not get timely dental care and it may result in serious financial consequences for the mentioned state. If a kid does not get timely oral or dental care, a treatable dental condition can appear to be something more harmful and expensive. Dentists notice that more people started visiting the emergency room for the treatment and the cost of this treatment is much higher.

The situation does not remain the same and it starts getting worse. Legislators need to understand that there is a great connection between dental health and the ability to learn. It is almost impossible to treat a dental condition if there is no doctor who can do it. Children that do not get dental care on a regular basis suffer from difficulties associated with speech, nutrition and learning.

Due to the information presented in the latest state audit the situation does not only include urban but rural counties as well. It is unbelievable that there are five counties with about 2,000 children remain without any dentist who can serve patients on Denti-Cal. Moreover, there are eleven counties with dentists who cannot afford treating new patients. The problem is that legislators have not collected all the needed information on the situation and have not determined the amount of kids that may need dental care. It is high time for officials to reconsider the conditions of this dental program and to take all the measures to correct the mistake they have made.

Photo by [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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