Celebration of Dental Care Expansion in Rhode Island

Rhode Island dental careA lot of people including community representatives and health care professionals gathered on Friday to join Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation. This delegation celebrated the appearance of new dental offices in Rhode Island. This facility that reaches ten thousand square foot can now include nine dental chairs and is supposed to be expended to nineteen in 2015 year. The community is rather happy about this innovational expansion of the Providence Community Health Center.

This expansion can serve a real trigger for further dental care development in this area. Besides, the Providence Community Health Center plays a great role in serving children and provides them with proper dental care. Thanks to this expansion, the local dentists will achieve that goal. Moreover, the problem of affordable dental care will be solved with these dental offices and all the members of the delegation confirm that the further expansion will take place. According to the information provided by the Health Center Association, the dental offices managed to serve about 164,000 patients. Thanks to these dental centers about 1,800 jobs were preserved and the economic component managed to reach $226 million.

Financial experts admit that these community health centers play one of the most important roles in the development of the local economy. These centers contribute a lot by employing a lot of professionals in the health sphere. The savings of these health centers reached $184 million and the health care system may use this money for further development of health centers in Rhode Island.

Besides, the health care system of Rhode Island takes a leading position in health care coverage and delivery. The system can be treated as a model for health care system development for the rest of the United States. Highly innovational health centers in Rhode Island manage to provide high quality health care for families living in the Island. That is why the celebration managed to gather such a great number of health care leaders.

Photo by Tom Watanabe [Public domain], undefined

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