Community Dental Care Fills Gap in Dental Care

dental-care-clinicCommunity Dental Care is one of the clinics that work days and nights to fill the gap in dental services in the area of Rochester. Patients that visit this clinic are uninsured or have benefits that they receive with the help of public care programs. Most of the clients were tuned down when they wanted to get dental services at private dental clinics. The thing is that clinics do not serve people on Medicaid and they do not have any other opportunity to get affordable dental care.

The problem is that the reimbursement rates are really low and private dental clinics cannot afford serving people on different state supported dental programs. Thanks to Community Dental Care, patients managed to receive all the needed care and the number of them is reaching 5,000 patients. Now, dentists state that they rendered about 18,000 services to patients that could not afford the services at private dental clinics.

The clinic opened in 2012 and community members consider that it is a great achievement as dentists are not selective and they are ready to help anyone in need. The clinic is ready to provide dental care to kids and there are fewer cases when kids are in pain during their classes. It is the worst thing when our kids cannot get relief from pain and they cannot sleep for nights.

Dentists that work there are united by one mission which is to work in public health and to help everyone that needs dental care in Rochester. They are getting happy from the feeling that they are needed in this community and their services are highly demanded there. But they consider that the clinic needs to be expended and it depends on donations that can make thousands of people from the area happier and healthier at the same time.

Photo by Marcos Hernandez ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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