Community Members Want to Expand Access to Dental Care

dental careThere are a lot of actual issues in the system of the American health care and there is one problem that has been overlooked for a long time. A lot of people cannot get the proper care at the right time and most of them have to suffer from acute dental pain. There are millions of kids and grownups that do not visit a dentist and do not get the care they need. Most of them come from low income families that cannot afford the cost of the services. It should be noted that one in three American citizens does not have dental insurance and if something bad happens, then these people need to pay a fortune to cover the expenses associated with dental services.


People should change their position in relation to dental services as they mean much more than just a smile. People suffering from dental health problems need clearly understand that the oral health may influence the overall health of a person. Such health conditions as diabetes and other digestive problems may happen as a result of poor oral health and delayed dental care. As a result, different public organizations and community members are trying to do everything to expand access of poor people to dental health services that may save life to numerous people.


Though the introduction of Medicaid has improved the situation in the sphere of dental health, tooth decay stays one of the most common and chronic disease among children. Besides, a lot of experts consider that the issues in the sphere of oral health of kids have an impact on the education because of millions of hours are missed. A lot of money of American taxpayers is spent on the dental services but a lot of people leave emergency rooms with the dental conditions untreated. People may avoid these numerous dental problems with visiting a dentist and receiving timely dental care.


Photo by Barbaricino [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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