Community of High County Enjoys New Dental Clinic

Dental_RoomThe Community of High County is happy with opening of a new clinic. Though it has been open for six months only, it makes a great change on the situation with dental care in the county. It cannot serve a lot of people but patients are rather positive about the cost of dental care services. Ten people a day is the volume dentists can serve but it seems that further expanding is not so far away. Treating patients from kids to the elderly is the main priority of this clinic but people working there hope that the clinic will be able to serve more patients.

Patients that have acute pain can visit this clinic without any appointment though any other patient will have to wait for two weeks to get the needed care. According to the recent survey, the feedbacks of people who have visited the dental clinic are mostly positive. It is great as most of the patients are new and most of them come from low-income families. Thanks to the sliding-fee scale people may afford most of the services.

Besides, dentists say that they can get additional dental assistance if a number of patients increase. Additionally, this clinic may also serve people who cannot afford dental care at all. Among the services patients may get, you may find cleanings, crowns, extractions and a lot more. In other words, it is a full service facility where patient can get rid of pain and to fix all the existing dental problems.

Thanks to its flexibility, dentists can serve patients on Medicaid and dentists can also speak two languages. Quality dental care is what patients need and dentists from High County Community Health Dental Clinic may provide it at any time. Dentists are ready to help patients disregarding their insurance status as well.

Photo by Jrahma (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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