Concerns about Use of Daily Oral Care Products

oral health productsThere are a lot of ways to make your smile more attractive but you should know that not all the dental products are as innocent as we may think. The newest dental products promise that they can easily reduce the number of dental problems we may have and they can fight such dental issues as cavity, infection and can provide tartar control.

People need to know that some of the ingredients that are used in our mouthwash and toothpaste can be rather harmful and while treating dental disease, you can develop a number of other more harmful health conditions.

That is why each of us should know that some of the oral care products should be used with the proper care. Our oral cavity can easily absorb all the ingredients that we use for taking care about our oral and dental health. And, most of these ingredients can easily enter our blood stream. One of the ingredients you need to take care is Triclosan which is used in each of the toothpastes. Commercials state that this ingredient help us prevent any appearance of bacteria in our oral cavity and can work for 12 hours. According to the recent study, this component is rather harmful for other parts of our body and can act as an endocrine disruptor which can cause certain imbalances in our hormonal condition.

As a result of these hormonal imbalances, a patient can get sick with infertility and thyroid problems. Besides, using toothpastes with the high concentration of Triclosan can also lead to the resistance of antibiotics and it would be much harder for you to treat any infection that can be present in your body. The concern about the use of Triclosan was also expressed by the Food and Drug Administration and such a company as Johnson & Johnson is going to remove it from all the products.


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