Concerns about Using Toothpaste with Flavor Crystals

Flavor CrystalsEvery morning we can enjoy brushing our teeth with toothpaste that can naturally make our teeth shining and brighter. At the same time, we can find flavor crystals in our toothpaste that can make our brushing more enjoyable. But soon, these flavor crystals can disappear as the public concern is growing in relation to the safety of using these toothpastes. The problem is these flavor crystals can actually be plastic microbeads and they can stay in our mouth for a long time period.

One of the leading producers of toothpaste called “Crest” is going to seize using these crystals in any of the products though these crystals are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in foods.

The problem was identified by a dental hygienist in Phoenix when she noticed a sort of plastic bits in the mouth of a patient. She compared these plastic bits to popcorn hulls that were located in the area between the gum and teeth. Not a single dentist will state that these favor crystals that are usually made of polyethylene can cause certain gum problems or related infections.

At the same time, the American Dental Association performed relevant dental studies and found out that the toothpaste containing microbeads did not represent any danger to the dental health of patients. Besides, the dental companies that produce toothpastes with favor crystals stated that these crystals helped patients polish teeth and would not cause any damage to the teeth.

Nevertheless, Crest is going to reduce the number of products that have these flavor crystals as they note that the popularity of their products is getting reduced. In any case, it is up to you which toothpaste you are going to use and if you see that the toothpaste provides the wanted results you should not stop but continue on using it.

Photo by Scott Ehardt

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