Congress to Increase Contributions into Dental Care

Dental CareThere are a lot of American kids suffering from a lot of dental problems and dentists state that this fact is a result of poor dental hygiene. Dentists ring the bell about the aggravation of dental health in American kids and it is estimated that about 20% of them have cavities that are left untreated. The problem is that parents do not have money to fix the dental issues of their kids as the dental services are really expensive.

The state health system is not working and parents need to cover their expenses on the dental care of their kids. But, at the same time, taxpayer money should be used to provide the services for kids. The solution is coming soon and Congress is considering the Action for Dental Health Act which will increase funding for pediatric dental problems. There are different approaches considering poor dental health of kids. Some lawmakers consider it to be vital to change the approach to dental health of kids.

But others consider that it is unfair that the government needs to pay for the negligence of the parents. The information confirms that about $42 million is repaid by the largest insurance company to cover the expenses on the needs of kids. Insurance companies state that if parents could spend some more money on these procedures, then more other services could be provided for free.

At the same time, the problems of cavities in kids are associated with low income families that do not provide kids with the proper care. As a result, parents cannot provide kids with the proper attention in relation to foods a kid eats or the way a kid brushes the teeth. If these people need to pay for the services, they will prefer stay at home and the situation in the pediatric dental health sphere may get worse.

Photo by Milenafoto (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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