Controlling Your Dental Health Will Help You Treat Obesity

Obesity manObesity is not considered to be a health condition any more but a current epidemic with about 31 percent of the adult population affected. The thing is that analyzing the saliva of the overweight people, researchers found out that a single bacterial species called Selenomonas noxia can be a biological indicator of developing such a health disorder as overweight. According to the latest studies, oral bacteria can take part in a lot of body processes and can lead to obesity.

Any patient that would like to prevent and control obesity needs to start with examination and modification of dieting. Studies show that there may be an association of a high glycemic diet and dental conditions. Potatoes, rice and refined wheat flowers can contain fermentable carbohydrates which are easily converted into simple sugars in our oral cavity. These elements can actually contribute to gaining weight and as a result to obesity.

It’s a fact that sugars that appears in our mouth play a great role in regulating our oral health. Most of sugars can be converted into plaque and, as a result, dentists can observe the accumulation of plaque on our gums and teeth. That is why the risk for catching such gum infections as gingivitis and periodontitis is increased significantly. Some researchers consider that fermentable carbohydrates are crucial to our diet and the chance to decrease the conversion of the sugars into plaque is possible with a low glycemic diet.

People that notice certain signs of obesity need to visit a dentist as soon as possible as it can help prevent either dental problems or obesity development within the shortest time possible. Following the recommendations of your dentist will help you prevent formation of plaque in your mouth and will not let obesity appear. Regular dental examinations will help you control the current state of your dental health.


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