Cost of Filling and How to Use Lowest

Filling CostWhen a dentist identifies a cavity, the first thing you want to know is how much the filling will cost. But before you find out the price of a filling, you should first know the basic about the cavity and how the filling can solve the problem.

A filling is the best way to treat a cavity, which is a little hole in the tooth due to decay. The indicators of a cavity depend on how much decay there is in the tooth and which tooth is affected.

You might not be able to feel or see the cavity but some of the symptoms include tooth pain, stains, pits on the tooth, or sensitivity. A dentist might be able to detect the cavity before you feel any pain and before the decay has become too severe. The earlier you find the cavity, the less you are likely to pay for the treatment

A filling is a material that is placed in a hole in your tooth. When you get a filling, the dentist will remove the tooth decay with a laser or drill and then fill the hole with material such as amalgam or composite resin. They area where the filling will be place is numbed so that you don’t feel pain.

When you need to get a filling, it is best that you go see several dental offices first. The price of a filling varies and they range from $37 to $450 for a front tooth filling. A filling in the molar costs $37 to $1,520. The maximum charge is around $250 for a front tooth and $350 for a molar. The minimum charge is from $50 to $75. It will be more expensive if you have severe cavity. The price is also affected by the location of the dentist’s office, whether the dentist is board certified or not, and how long the dentist has been practicing.

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