Crowns as Way to Return Your Tooth Back

Silver CrownsIf you have a broken tooth or it is worn down, you can easily restore it with dental crowns which are considered to be one of the most popular among sufferers from these diseases. Besides, they will not only help you get the tooth back but they will provide a good level of protection of the rest of your weakened teeth. They are generally used to cap dental implants and dentists consider them reliable but patients note that there can appear to be some problems.

But if there are any problems with dental crowns, then a patient needs to address a dental professional as soon as possible to get the needed help. But dental crowns can have several disadvantages and one of them is the increased sensitivity to hot and cold. But the professional dentists consider that the issue can be easily solved with brushing the teeth with toothpaste designated for sensitive teeth. Another problem that is usually experienced by patients is that they feel pain once they start biting anything.

The main cause of this problem is that the crown causes high pressure on the tooth. This issue can also be solved with your dentist. Another problem associated with crowns is that they are made of porcelain that can easily chip with time. But small chips can be restored with the help of composite resin and if the crown is completely worn out, then your dentist will need to replace the crown with a new one. Crowns are rather stable if fixed in the right way, but with some time they can get loose.

The main reason for that is that cement is usually washed out of the crown and instability of it is observed. There are ways to recement your crown and you will have a chance to reinforce the crown with the help of your dentist. Besides, you can also find such cement in pharmacies and you will have a chance to recement the crown on your own.

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