Decreasing Sensitivity When Teeth Whitening

SensitivityOne of the ways to improve your smile and increase yourself confidence is to get teeth whitening in the right way. It is not a difficult procedure and, of course, it is better to do it at the dental office but you can do it at your home as well. One of the negative consequences it can provide is the increased sensitivity of your teeth. There are a lot of ways to decrease the sensitivity during this teeth whitening procedure.

We also know that the main course of increased dental sensitivity is associated with peroxide which is an essential ingredient in the majority of teeth whitening products. The thing is peroxide causes irritation of your tooth nerves and this sort of irritation will result in cold sensitivity and a sort of tingling sensation. To decrease the sensitivity, you will have to follow all the recommendations provided by your dentist or the instructions featured on the teeth whitening product. One of the crucial rules is not to whiten your teeth for a longer time period that the recommendations advice.

At the same time you can decrease the time of whitening your teeth and sometimes giving a short break can result in elevation of the symptoms. There are also over the counter medications called Advil and Aleve which are used to decrease the irritation and prevent the mentioned symptoms. Besides, teeth whitening products can be of different peroxide level starting from six to ten percent.

Of course, the results of using teeth whitening products with high concentration of peroxide can result in fast and astonishing results. But, if you suffer from dental sensitivity, than it is not worth it. To decrease the irritation and inflammation of your teeth, you should never use cold drinks and foods right after your teeth whitening procedure. Be sensible when using whitening products as if you start overusing them you will have a risk to damage them.


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