Delmarva Meets Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy

dental_procedureThere are people suffering from dental pain but they cannot afford the services and they need to wait till one of the dental clinics in their area announces a free dental day. That is why residents of Delmarva are really happy to meet the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy event which took place at the Wicomico County Youth and Civic Center. Hundreds of people finally received the dental assistance they needed and most of them will not feel any inconvenience when consuming food.

That is a great event for them and they do not stop but express their gratitude and happiness. People had to wait for hours before they got services but this fact did not impact their mood at all. Some patients needed to remove three teeth which could make them smile again as they had felt pain and discomfort all the time. This mobile clinic functions just because of donations and about 1,200 dentists are working there for free.

That is the foundation of this mobile clinic that provides free dental services all over the United States. According to the information, most of the patients do not have coverage or cannot afford the dental services. If you need an oral surgery, you need to pay about $800 and not every patient can find the money to cover these expenses. Dentists note that there are a lot of people with oral infection and people who cannot afford the services have to get used to living with it.

But they do not understand that this infection may be transferred to bones and brain which is more dangerous than just a dental pain. People solve their issues and they are looking forward to visit this clinic again. That is why the regulators need to provide a chance to deal with the problems that happen to people from low income families.

Photo by irina [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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