Demand for Affordable Dental Care Increased

Demand for Dental CareDentists notice that one of the main problems in the sphere dental care right now is associated with seniors that experience a need for dental services but they cannot get it. The number of people that address local dentists for dental care is growing with each day and dentists, at the same time, remark that that one in four seniors does not have teeth at the age of 65. Moreover, dentists consider that most of the seniors at this age have problems with oral health which represents a great risk of getting a number of other diseases.

Besides, according to the statistics, adults over 60 years old appear to be the most frequent patients who need emergency dental care. Due to the information provided, number one problem of seniors is a possibility to get affordable dental care. The main attention should be paid to the oral condition of seniors as the most common disease they experience is periodontal infection and studies confirm a relation of these infections with a loss of all teeth and disorders associated with heart and respiratory tract. Besides, dentists notice the increase in a number of patients that start suffering from oral cancer.

Dentists that serve seniors need to pay their attention to the fact that most of them take medications that reduce saliva in the mouth which is considered to be a natural protector from oral health conditions. At the same time, the governors need to help seniors as most of them experience these dental conditions as a result of their poor financial condition and their inability to get insurance. The bills for any dental works are usually higher than senior patients can afford and Medicare that they have does not cover such dental services as oral examinations, cleanings and X-rays.

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