Dental Benefits to Solve Absences at Work

Dental Benefits for EmployeesAccording to the Denplan Health and Wellbeing survey 2014, 68 percent of respondents said that providing dental benefit to workers can help manage sickness leaves. The survey asked 488 employee benefits decision makers as well 5,000 adults. The survey suggested that 32 percent of the workers said that dental benefits are vital in showing support to workers’ wellbeing.

According to the research, 35 percent of employers provide dental benefits to their workers. 46 percent of employers are considering providing dental benefits over the next year. 62 percent of the workers who participated in the survey said that they would consider a dental plan if they were provided to them. 56 percent said they would be thankful about the access to one as part of their benefits package. 84 percent of the employers in the poll said that the most vital factor that will affect their decision to provide dental plan is whether it would show they care about their workers.

Colin Perry, corporate channel manager of Denplan, said that dental benefits are increasing in popularity because it is one of the healthcare benefits that are preventive. Other healthcare benefits help workers when something is already wrong with them.

On the other hand, dental plans encourage regular visits to the dentist. It allows them to detect and prevent any oral disease. Other diseases have indicators in the mouth that a dentist can detect. That’s why it is important to visit the dentist regularly in order to have early detection as well as treatment.

More than a third of the respondents of the survey are providing dental plan to their workers and this makes dental benefits the third most popular benefit behind private medical insurance coverage and childcare benefits. It looks like employers know that there is a connection between oral health and the wellbeing of the workers.

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