Dental Care Alliance to Expand Its Presence in Ohio

Dental Care AllianceOne of the dental care companies called Dental Care Alliance decided to expand its properties and managed to increase its collection of offices. It needs to be mentioned that the company has a 40,000-square-foot area to work on already. Dental Care Alliance owns 150 dental offices in eight states and thanks to the growing business, it decided to get another property at 6230 Lake Osprey Drive. The cost of this office makes up $1.42 million which says that the company is rather stable at the moment and the financial situation is rather favorable.

Besides, this company is noticed in providing free dental and other medical services for the uninsured, underserved and homeless. Thanks to these good intentions, residents of Ohio received a new clinic called Central Neighborhood Clinic. The residents of Cleveland are rather happy to get the expanded health services but the clinic has a new concept of serving the clients. First of all, there are no walls between the working area and patients. This concept is associated with the principle of eliminating barriers which increases the trust of patients.

In addition, the registration area is completely open and any patient will not feel as if he or she visits an ordinary dental office. The choice of the clinic location is also based on the high density of the local population. The new clinic of Central Neighborhood Clinic will have about 60 professional dentists that will able to serve the needs of patients that live in the area.

Thus, the number of professionals that will be serving people in the state will be increased by 50%. It is estimated that the clinic will have a chance to provide dental care to about 13,000 each year. It is a great achievement as a lot of people from poor families will have a chance to get the needed dental care and to remove pain they experience any moment.

Photo by baskyes [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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