Dental Care Event in Little Rock

fillingsIt was a great dental care event in Little Rock on Friday and about 1,000 patients could get the wanted dental care services at no cost. Such dental services as fillings, extractions and cleanings could be received by all the visitors of the Statehouse Convention Center. The citizens of Arkansas and the nearby areas could come and get the relief they had been waited for for a long time. Besides, any dentist could take part in this mission and a lot of dental stations were prepared to serve as many people as possible.

This event was arranged thanks to the Arkansas State Dental Association and no requirements were presented to get qualified for these services. Patients did not need to present any income information and the first visitor was served at 6 a.m. Friday. Dentists that participated in this event stated that it was a perfect chance to get rid of pain and cease sufferings. It is hardly to imagine that people suffer so much pain and they could not cope with it as they do not have any opportunity to pay for the wanted services.

Dentists also notice that the dental conditions of patients appear to be really bad and the most popular service appeared to be extraction. It is when dentists cannot help save a tooth and to exclude any infection, it needs to be removed. Dentists confirm that managed to remove about 4,000 teeth and the number is really horrifying.

The clinic served patients not only from Arkansas but volunteers managed to attract attention of people living in Mississippi, Tennessee and Louisiana. Most of the patients did not have any dental insurance and they could get quality services. The free clinic is a perfect solution for serious dental problems of patients that appeared in a difficult life situation.

Photo by Michael Ottenbruch [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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