Dental Care for Kids without Limitations

drillThanks to the cooperation of Cecil County Public Schools and the Oral Health Impact Project, about 330 students from nearly 20 schools managed to receive the dental care services at no cost. The last school served appeared to be Holly Hall Elementary School where students had a chance to get dental examinations without leaving the building. The project is not obligatory and parents decide whether their kids need some dental examinations or not.

Dentists admit that they do not want to be selective and dental services are offered to any of students who want or need dental care. Besides, it is a great opportunity for uninsured children to fix the dental problems without paying a cent. Dentists provide a great number of dental services and students can get cleanings, sealants and x-rays. The results of examinations and performed treatments are sent home so that the parents could see what dental problems have been treated. Dentists will also take a decision to drill if any filling is needed as they are not sure if a child is present at school the next time.

The project is created with the purpose of breaking all the barriers that do not let children get timely dental care. The limitations should be reduced and dental care must become available to any child. Dentists consider that parents cannot let children visit a dentist every six months and most of children they see have never visited a dentist.

The project is going to work all the year around and will be returning to a school every six months. Besides, these visits do not prevent kids from studies as these examinations can only take 30 minutes. Parents usually lose 2-3 hours a day to visit a dentist and they do not need to lose work hours as well.

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