Dental Clinics Cannot Cope with Growing Number of Patients in Martinsville

affordable dental clinicMore and more people address dental clinics in Martinsville. Dentists confirm that patients are waiting to have an appointment for days. Besides, a patient who needs to get comprehensive procedures has to wait for two years. Emergency cases are a subject to an immediate reaction and consideration. The supervisors of dental clinics note that a number of people who need dental help is growing day by day and they cannot serve because the clinics are completely staffed.

For example, a woman who needed dentures had to wait for a year to have them fixed at the Community Dental Clinic in Martinsville. Though she had to wait for one year she feels rather thankful that the clinic is open. The thing is that the clinic is designated to provide dental services for those who have low income or do not have insurance at all. You need just to have $20 for an opportunity to fix all your dental problems. But the cost of the services can increase if any additional procedure is needed.

As a result, governors need to think over a chance to open another low cost dental clinic as some people cannot wait for 2 years. The waiting list for dental services is growing but the capacity of the clinic doesn’t let serve more people a day. This clinic is financed by the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation and this dental organization has already spent $6,000,000 for a chance to get proper dental care by children and adults.

Besides, this clinic does not only represent a benefit for patients but it can also be a training ground for dental students that study Virginia Commonwealth University. No one can provide insurance that the clinic will be open next year as the activity of it is financed with the help of grants and donations.

What: Dental services for low income patients
Where: 23 Fayette St, Martinsville, VA – 24112
For more information, please call (276) 632-9266

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