Dental Clinics Get Financial Support during Economic Growth

Dental ClinicsIt is seen that the US economy experiences a certain growth and now a lot of companies can afford participating in different charity campaigns. That is why the Family Health Center of Battle Creek decided to provide financial assistance to mothers and kids in receiving timely and professional dental care. It’s about $50,000 that the clinic is going to receive from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan foundation. This financial contribution will be designated to providing dental care to uninsured or underinsured mums and children of Calhoun County.

Besides, the officials are going to use the money on innovation of all health facilities of the clinic. Within this program, mothers and kids that qualify will be able to receive dental care services for three weeks. About fifty women have already participated in this program and have already solved their dental issues. It is rather important for those women that are going to get pregnant as they will not be able to use any pain killers during the pregnancy.

The program is also focused on educating kids and moms on nutrition and bad habits. A lot of hours may be devoted to the oral health of infants. The problem of getting timely dental care in Calhoun County is rather acute as there is about 14 percent of people does not have any health insurance and most of them are used to visit mobile dental clinics where they can get free or affordable dental care.

The clinic also notes that prevention of any dental issues is number one priority and each patient has a chance to escape serious dental problems. Besides, pregnant women need to take the nutrients such as vitamins A, C and D, calcium to insure that the oral and dental health of their infants would be perfect.

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