Dental Decay One of Most Common Chronic Diseases among Children

Dental DecayThe NC Dental Societal made a recommendation to parents to start brushing the teeth of their kids with fluoride as soon as the first teeth appear. The American Dental Association said that parents should utilize a small amount of fluoride toothpaste for children below the age of three and a pea size amount of toothpaste for children between the ages of three and six.

The US Centers for Disease Control said dental decay is one of the most common chronic diseases among children with more than 16 million affected from untreated tooth decay in the entire United States. The CDC Division of Oral Health recommends the following:

Parents should encourage their children to eat regular meals of nutritious food. They should avoid giving their children snacks in between meals.

Parents should use fluoride toothpaste to protect their children’s teeth. If the child is younger than seven years old, a pea-size amount is enough on their toothbrush. You should also see to it that they brush their teeth properly.

When the drinking water is not fluoridated, ask a physician or the dentist for the best way to protect your children’s teeth. They’ll provide you with alternatives to fluoride.

You should also consult your dentist about dental sealants. These are used to protect teeth from decay.

If you’re a pregnant mother, you should get prenatal care and eat a healthy diet. The diet must contain folic acid, which is essential to avoid birth defects of the spinal cord and brain. It can also prevent possible cleft lip or palate.

Parents must do everything they can to avoid tooth decay. Their children’s teeth are precious and they must be treated properly to avoid problems with them. Children with healthy teeth also have healthy bodies and overall wellness. That’s why parents must do their part to help preserve the health of kids’ teeth.

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