Dental Office Open 24 Hours a Day for Emergencies

Dental OfficeIt doesn’t matter what time of day you or your son breaks a tooth and suffers from excruciating pain. This requires immediate attention in order to alleviate pain and have the tooth fixed right away. The problem is than most dental offices are not open at night. You are in luck if you’re from Heritage Creek because Dr. Clinton Timmerman is just a phone call away if you experience any dental pain.

Not all dental health problems are considered an emergency. Some of the most common dental emergencies include fillings, trauma, injury, root canals, tooth extractions, denture repair, re-cement for crowns, prescriptions for pain relief and antibiotics, broken teeth, cracked teeth, swollen jaw, fractured jaw, mouth sore, severe toothache, and soft tissue injuries.

When you are suffering from pain, you need to have relief right away. The emergency dental office is open to give you relief quickly and effectively. You just need to call the dental office and the dentist will meet you at the office to fix the dental problem. If the dentist can’t fix the problem, he will provide the right resources to give you relief right away.

If it is a life threatening emergency, it is recommended to call 911 as soon as possible. Or you can have yourself driven to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Dr. Clinton Timmerman, DDS has been known to provide quality patient care. He will provide the right emergency service when your family needs it the most. Once the treatment is done, you will be pain-free and you don’t have to suffer the consequences poor oral hygiene.

During emergencies, you can try some home remedies first to relieve the pain, such as applying ice packs or taking Tylenol. If the tooth is knocked out, you could put it back in place or place it in warm milk, and go to the dental office right away.

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