Dental Problems in Seniors Staying in Nursing Houses

nursing houseThere are a lot of articles written on the increased risks of dental poor health in kids but there are also seniors and the problem with them is more than popular. Aging is the process that brings a lot of health problems but the main cause of numerous diseases is poor dental health. Such diseases usually include malnutrition, tooth pain and weight loss caused by the inability to chew. The combination of aging and dental health problems may aggravate the current health conditions, especially if seniors are staying in long-term care facilities.

People with such problems, and placed in those conditions, are in danger of catching aspiration pneumonia. It is approximately one in ten seniors affected by this disease. The studies confirm that dental conditions are suffered greatly by patients staying in long-term care facilities and it is rather abnormal as people are supposed to be examined and treated on a regular basis. Besides, the number of such seniors is growing with each year.

As a result, the problem is being solved at the moment and federal laws require providing the necessary dental services to people that stay in nursing facilities. The associated regulations state that every person needs to get dental services at least one time within the time period of 6 months. A dentist will need to perform all the needed examinations of an oral and dental cavity and to appoint the treatment that should be added into the chart.

All the nursing facilities need to have a dentist to cope with emergencies to control the process of treatment and its execution. Moreover, dentists need to provide in-service training considering dental care in relation to staff at least annually. Nurses will take the responsibility to provide oral hygiene every day for those patients who cannot do it on their own.

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