DentalAid works hard to improve Dental Health in the UK and around the World

DentalAid is a nonprofit based in the UK dedicated to improve dental health in the UK and around the world.

They work hard to accomplish their goals by:


Preventive and corrective treatment is vital. In big cities and “developed” countries it is easier, but just imagine living in a small village in the middle of nowhere, with fresh water shortages and difficult access. Dentaid does its best to transport dentists and their assistants to small towns and even small cities where there is a shortage of dental professionals. Volunteers set up clinics in the most unimaginable places like: refugee camps, remote villages, schools, prisons, orphanages , among many others. They serve hundreds and even thousand of dental care deprived children and adults all over the world (more than 60 countries). It changes the life of many whom have been living in pain for years.

DentalAid’s reach is impressive. They have offered dental treatments in:

  • Timor
  • Burkina Faso
  • Zinbabwe
  • Calais
  • Uganda


In “developed” countries medical equipment is replaced more frequently because of the high demand from tech savvy patients. They demand modern and the best possible medial and dental equipment. Still these decommissioned dental equipment is perfectly functional and worth its weight in gold in places where dental care is minimal. DentalAid gets donations of these “old” dental equipment like: chairs, compressors, turbines, hand instruments, etc. Once refurbished Dentaid sends these dental equipment and portable dental surgeries to projects in different countries including the most remote locations on Earth.


Incredibly in many countries there is not a dental health culture. Many people don’t even know how to brush their teeth or even know how to use dental floss. Education is vital, specially in children. DentalAid promotes tooth brushing and oral health with classes in nurseries, schools and public buildings in the UK and overseas.

Dentaid works alongside in-country dentists to share expertise and promote best practice. We provide training for dental students, opportunities for dental graduates and ongoing support for dentists around the world.



How can you help?

  • They are always looking for volunteers. More details here
  • You can donate

free non profit dental care in developing countries

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