Dentists against Any Help from Other Companies

DentistsSometimes dentists are very busy with their duties and they cannot manage office work effectively. Thanks to a new bill, dentists will have a chance to hire workers from non-dental staff. There are a lot of debates between dentists on this opportunity. According to this bill, dentists will have a chance to deal with different companies that do not have any relation to dental care. Most of these companies will deal with accounting, human resources and cleaning.


Before this bill, non-dental staff cannot be hired for these types of jobs. Some dentists are strongly against this bill as a lot of companies that do not have any idea about dental care will get access to dental offices. The reduction of professionalism in dental care services may be noticed as any non-dental company might influence the work at the office. At the same time a lot of dentists are afraid of these companies may get access to dental practices.


In this case the state will not be able to regulate the sphere of dental services. Additionally, dental care will be based on the principles of business and profits but not on quality dental services. The bill states that more authority will be used to determine bad dentists and control over companies that would like to influence the quality of dental services will be strengthened. Though the bill seems to be detailed, dentists do not think that it will pass out of the House.


It is highly expected to be a dead bill. In any case if there is an intention like this, dentists need to expect more bills of the same character but expressed in different ways. This bill is supposed to make the life of dentists much easier but dentists do not want to deal with companies that have never been involved in provision of dental care services.

Photo by Josue L. Escobosa [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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