Dentists Assist Children with Special Needs to Get Dental Care

Dentists DisabledIt is really hard to take a decision and to visit a dentist but children experience more fears than anybody else does. Besides, there are children with special needs that require special care and it can be a great challenge for them. It is the reason why highly qualified dentists decided to get together at the Merou Grotto to provide those kids with the needed services. The thing is that children are occupied with other challenges and their dental health problems are put aside.

People understand that the children need to face a lot of difficulties to get dental care. As a result they delay with the services they need and come to get dental care when they cannot cope with unbearable pain or they can miss a chance to save their teeth. The main purpose of the dental project is to help those kids get services paying all the required attention to their special needs.

The event is sponsored by the Humanitarian Foundation which is considered to be a charity that helps disabled children suffering from muscular dystrophy, mental disabilities and cerebral palsy. Besides, dentists can also serve those people that have overcome organ transplantation and they are also eligible for the services. Additionally, there are kids with an acute form of special needs and they cannot even brush their teeth. In this case, caregivers become responsible for the oral and dental health of the patients.

Caregivers usually face a sort of resistant and each of them needs to have a lot of patience. The health of the kids depends on them and they do a great job maintaining their perfect oral health. Dentists state that the greatest difficulty related to children with disabilities is their behavior and in most cases, these kids need nitrous oxide or physical restraint.

Photo by Corwinhee [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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