Dentists Concerned about Dental Health of Kids in Illinois

Dental Health of Kids According to the information presented by The Illinois Department of Public Health, about half of third graders have a dental problem revealed in the form of cavity. That is why a lot of dental organizations including Delta Dental of Illinois foundation are trying to help teach those kids to take the proper care of their teeth. As a result a group of students from the Tooth Wizard are going to teach small kids beneficial dental habits.

At the same time, dentists that work in Illinois consider that the number of children with dental problems has significantly increased and they visit dentists with their teeth heavily decayed. The only reason for a growing number of problems is the food and drinks they are used to take. Experienced dentists consider that the first dental check up should be provided when kids are one year old and then parents should visit a dentist every six months.

Dentists from Illinois consider that cases of severe decay happen too early. That is one of the most crucial problems as dentists cannot take care of the dental problems when kids cannot sit in one place for a long time.
Parents need to pay attention to juices kids drink as they are not healthy as they are supposed to be. Most of them contain a lot of sugar and, as a result, kids get a lot of dental problems really early. Besides, parents should use some tricks to make kids brush their teeth for about two minutes and it is highly recommended for parents to sing songs.

There are many tooth brushes with timers that can help kids take care of their teeth without thinking of it. Flossing is also obligatory but it should not be carried out for more than one time a day. At the same time, parents need to pay attention that kids should not eat any food before going to bed except for drinking some water.

Photo by Mayooresan [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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