Dentists Pull Teeth to Get Rich

Pull TeethA lot of posts are related to the practice of inexperienced dentists and negative consequences of their treatment. Besides, there are a lot of reports on pulling healthy teeth. Dentists do not want to save healthy teeth as the costs of filling and extraction are almost the same. As a result, it is much easier to pull tooth rather than to treat it in the proper way. One of such cases happened in Florida and about 100 families have suffered from such a dentist.

Moreover, the dentist used to pull healthy teeth in children and gave crowns. Parents consider that the doctor named Dr. Howard Schneider performed these operations to get millions in Medicaid benefits. Disregarding all the complaints coming from parents, the dentist is still practicing and the number of victims can be significantly increased. Moreover, children come from poor families and they are really vulnerable as their parents do not have a lot of money and they cannot do anything with it.

Most of the parents wanted their children to have regular checkups without expecting serious treatment. But, finally they get their kids with the mouth full of steel-capped teeth. Dentists perform these procedures without any anesthesia and you can only imagine how a kid can suffer from this treatment. The number of these horror stories increases but parents cannot do anything against the mentioned dental fraud.

The measures should be taken immediately as doctors continue abusing children from low-income families and they have to suffer from traumas received from unnecessary surgical operations. If your kids have suffered from such unlawful activities, you should not keep silence but to address the corresponding authorities. Besides, people learning the names of these dentists will not get into the same trap and children will not suffer from unneeded pain. It is sad that such dentists exist and they can hurt your kids just to get more money.

Photo by Mike Leporati [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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