Dieting Turns Worries in Dental Care Society

dietingThe British Dental Health Foundation, UK’s leading dental charity has concerns about the modern diet. Its study revealed that thousands of children got hospital treatment for tooth decay every year.

Dr. Nigel Carter, OBE, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, gave out a warning that the modern diet has been the main contributor of high levels of tooth decay, especially among young children. The diet is rich in sugar and that’s why they cause dental problems. Dr. Carter said that a lot of parents are giving sweets to children as reward for good behavior. Older children use their pocket money to purchase sweets and sugary drinks on a regular basis.

Around 500 children are hospitalized each week due to dental issues in the United Kingdom. Most of them require a number of teeth extracted with the use of general anesthesia. Dr. Carter warned that education is needed to make parents know about the impact of the modern diet on oral health. A survey showed that three out of four people often ignore oral health problems when they are choosing food to eat to buy.

Dr. Carter stated that a lot of people are unaware of the connection between diet and oral health. He stressed the importance of education with regards to the influence of food on oral health. Most people are still unaware of the awareness of oral health effects but they do know the importance of diets to their body weight.

Dr. Carter said that it is vital for people to understand the effects of drinking and eating foods high in sugar content. They should know that every time they consume something with sugar, the enamel of the tooth is under attack. Constant consumption of sugary food means that the teeth are constantly under attack and improper oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay.

Photo by National Cancer Institute

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