Dr. Trent Wilkinson in Charge of Free Dental Care Event

Free Dental Care EventA free dental care event is coming to Springfield this Saturday and Dr. Trent Wilkinson will provide free dental services for those who cannot afford them. About 75 residents will get a chance to fix their problems. The event will be called Springfield’s 2nd Annual Dentistry from the Heart. People will need to come to the office located at 1902 E. Battlefield Road, Ste. A. and to join the line.

Those people who come first will have a chance to get fillings, extractions and cleanings as soon as possible. The office will start working at 8 a.m. and the services will be rendered to patients of 18 years old or older. At the same time, people from other areas will be served as well and all of them will get dental pain relief on Sept. 26. The event is sponsored by Dentistry From The Heart and the organization arranges about 200 annual events nationwide.

Since the beginning, the organization managed to serve about 46,000 people and the cost of those services is reaching about $8 million. It is a great event when a dentist with a team of volunteers is ready to use the opportunities and to serve so many people. It is the second event when the residents can get free dental care. The first one was held in 2014 and the organization donated about $30,000 for free dental services.

The issues with dental care services increase in number and more people appear in need for timely and quality dental care. The increased demand for free dental services confirms that patients on Medicaid cannot receive the services as a lot of private dental clinics do not accept such patients and they need to wait for free dental care events. Financial reimbursements need to be increased so that more clinics could afford serving more patients on Medicaid.

Event: Free Dental Care Services for Adults
Address: 1902 E. Battlefield Road, Ste. A

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