Effective Ways to Reduce Dental Pain Caused by Broken Tooth

Broken ToothDental pain is an awful condition and it is always hard to find the right treatment especially if this dental pain is caused by a broken tooth. Of course, you cannot remove the pain immediately but you can follow certain recommendations on reducing it. First of all, you must not expose your broken tooth to hot and cold foods or beverages.

Extreme temperatures may cause dental pain suddenly. The second rule to follow is to avoid any contact of your broken tooth with foods and beverages that are high in sugar or contain acid. After you have realized that your tooth is broken, you need to find an over-the-counter pain killer to elevate pain. You must not take more pills than it is recommended on the prescription label. Besides, you need to make sure that this over-the-counter painkiller will not interact with other medications or supplements you are taking at the moment.

It is better to find an otc pain medication that would reduce inflammation as anti-inflammatory medications work best for dental pain. The mission is to reduce pain and inflammation of your tooth nerve. Another recommendation to follow is to do flossing to avoid any food particles that can cause inflammation. At the same time, you need to find oil of cloves or eugenol. This product can be easily found in any health food stores.

It is mostly used in different dental materials and has excellent anesthetic and antiseptic properties. Also, you can temporarily seal the crack in your tooth. Some drugstores sell otc filling material and you will prevent any food particles or beverages from getting into a crack. If you want to lie down you need to make sure that you head is elevated as the pressure in the area of the broken tooth may be reduced. Then you can use warm salt water to relive dental pain rather successfully.

Photo by James Heilman, MD [CC-BY-SA-3.0], undefined

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