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dental emergencyDental emergencies can occur any time of the day. They happen when the people least expect them to happen. If the person plays sports, he or she could be one of the five million people who have had a tooth come off. Sports-related dental injuries resulted to around $500 million worth of treatments every year to have their teeth replaced. Patients in Shelby Township can go have emergency dental treatment at Sood Family Dental.

Most sports require the wearing of protective gear to keep players safe while playing the game on the field but a lot of athletes don’t comply with it. Only 7 percent of soccer player have mouth guards. The same number is seen in softball and baseball players. Only 75 percent of football players wear proper protective equipment even if the sport involves ground pounding and tackles. That’s why most athletes are at risk to dental injuries and when it occurs, they should be treated right away.

Dr. Shikha Sood, a dentist from Shelby Township, said that they recommend using proper gear and equipment when playing any sport but they can’t monitor all their patients while they are playing sports. While not all dental emergencies are sports-related, sports injuries can be prevented.

When a patient cracked their tooth when biting through the tongue or on a crunchy snack, Sood Family Dental can treat the tooth. They can act fast and offer treatment quickly. They tell their patients that the sooner they call the dentist, the more effective the treatment could be. Time is vital when it comes to dental emergencies.

The first thing that that patient must do is to stay calm and be collected. Some of the common dental emergencies include swelling of the gums, loose wires or brackets of the braces, and tooth pain. Loose wires are common for people with braces.

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