Every person Wants Dentures to Be More Stable

stable denturesDentists don’t like making dentures. Dentists said that it is hard to satisfy patients who get dentures. Dentures provide a portion of the functionality of the teeth and make it difficult for patients to eat. Patients with dentures are also more self-conscious. Some haven’t eaten a meal in a restaurant for years after getting dentures because they are worried about their stability and the ability to chew food.

Some people expect dentures to restore all of the function they had with their teeth. If the dentist doesn’t meet the expectations, patients feel disappointed. Dentures are not a substitute for natural teeth.

Despite not liking to make dentures, the service is one of the money making ones for dental offices. Some dentists make dentures stable with implants, such as the 3M Mini Dental Implants.

The technology has advanced when it comes to dental implants. In the past, the procedure was very expensive and made it unpopular. The implant evolved and dentists have started placing mini dental implants that are more affordable and simpler to place. Instead of patients being scared of having implants, they are now considering it and even ask their dentists about the procedure. There is also no need to turn away patients for being poor candidates because mini dental implants require less bone than traditional ones.

New denture patients today have the option of an affordable solution to give them as much function as possible. Dentists can extract the remaining teeth and place mini dental implant as well as the denture during the same session. Patients are able to get added stability due to the implants. They also experience less soreness from the denture rubbing the tissue because the mini implants bear the force.

The procedure is for patients who are interested in having dentures. Dentists should advise them about dental implants and their benefits.

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