Family Tooth Puller Not a Dentist

professional dentistEvery day a dentist can experience fear that comes from patients. This sort of patients cannot relax even if a dentist explains that a dental procedure will not cause any pain. The problem is so actual that it does not have any borders. The studies confirm that the main cause of fear and disturbance is considered to be a sound of dental drills.

But, what are the main causes of dental phobias in patients? The latest studies prove that the fear starts becoming visible when a dentist puts fingers in the mouth of a patient. For the patient it seems too unnatural and it goes against our instincts. In this situation the patient lets access vulnerable airways and sensitive gums. Besides, researchers discovered new types of fears that are directly associated with a dentist. The names for these phobias are dental phobia and odontophobia. At the same time patients are afraid of long needles, the sound of the drill.

That is why a professional dentist needs to define the causes of anxiety in a patient. It is better to wait and to define the causes of fear. This approach will let you work out the best way to assist your patient in receiving dental care services. Patients can feel more relaxed if he or she feels that someone simply asks about their health. In this case a dentist will not be treated like a guy who is involved in the torture business.

Dealing with kids when providing dental care is much easier as cannot hide their fears and the causes can be easily figured out. Kids that are afraid of dental services mostly associate their visits to the dentist with the fears of their parents. That is why parents need to pay their attention to the feelings expressed after dental works. And parents should not develop the attitude to the family dentist as to a family tooth pooler.


Photo by Walter Siegmund

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