Free Dental Care Campaign This Weekend

Free Dental Care CampaignThe weekend is coming and people will have a chance to get free dental care services. The event will take place Friday and Saturday. Hundreds of professional and experienced dentists will devote these two days to providing free dental care and they are going to serve about two thousand people who experience a great need in dental services.

Any patient will not need any identification to get the services wanted. The organizers of this event are considered to be the California Dental Association Foundation and the California Dental Association. The mission of these free dental services is to pay attention to people in need that cannot afford and get access to dental services. These events help people to prevent or catch problems before these diseases can influence their health and physical strength. Every dentist will agree that taking care of dental diseases at their early stages will help them treat the disease much easier.

It is not the first free dental care campaign organized by The California Dental Association. With the help of such campaigns patients will have a chance to get such services as extractions, fillings and denture work. Volunteer health care professionals from all over Southern California will help perform these dental services. Besides, they take the responsibility of providing a patient with follow-up care if it is needed. Students of dental colleges will also help in providing these free dental care services in the form of determination of the services a patient may need.

Those people who will not be able to get the free dental services on the first day will be allowed to sleep over night. Dentists promise to serve as many people as possible and not let a patient remain suffering from dental pain. So the location of this dental center is Fairplex and patients may line up starting from 2 p.m..

What: Free Dental Services
Where: Fairplex
When: Friday, Saturday

Photo by Marcos T. Hernandez [Public domain], undefined

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