Free Dental Care for People with Developmental Disabilities in Virginia

Free Dental Care for DisabledDue to the information provided by the Virginia Oral Health Coalition, free dental services are going to be provided for grownups that suffer from developmental disabilities this Saturday. Along with these free dental services, a special training program for dental providers will be organized. Professional dentists will be able to get necessary recommendations in relation to providing dental care for people with specific health care needs.

Usually, dentists cannot receive this type of training in college and those people who have developmental disabilities do not have a chance to use dental insurance coverage for regular dental procedures including fillings and cleanings. These free dental care services along with training program are sponsored by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities.

There are a lot of other benefits that can be received with the help of this dental program. Learning all the needed methods to treat patients with specific needs and getting more information directly from people with developmental disabilities will create a background to expand dental coverage for about 9,500 Virginians. It is a great chance to find the connection between the real needs of people with specific needs with the real dental coverage which needs to be reconsidered and approved.

Any dentist needs to understand that providing dental services to people suffering from cerebral palsy or autism needs more preparation. Additionally, any dentist needs to know a number of dental diseases usually suffered by people with special needs. And these dental problems can increase risks of heart disease and diabetes. Gum infection and periodontal disease are the most frequent ones in patients that cannot control their movements. The greatest accent should be put onto preventive dental care which can help any mental disabled person improve general health and prevent any chronic disease. The training program for dentists will start on October, 17.

What: Free Dental Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
Where: Hampton Roads Dental Center
When: Saturday, October 18
Contact: 804-269-8723

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