Free Dental Clinic for Veterans Opened

dental clinic for veteransThere are a lot of veterans that cannot get the proper dental care nowadays as they do not earn enough money to cover all the possible expenses on dental care. But there are dental companies that hold annual free dentistry days and there are clinics that can provide discount dental services to veterans.

Thanks to these clinics, veterans can get all the needed information on prevention of the dental issues that can happen in each person and, at the same time, they can get the dental services as extractions and cleanings for free. Good news is that thanks to the CU Dental School, there opened a new dental clinic for student veterans that will provide any veteran with free dental services.

According to the information provided by the school, they defined that most of the student veterans do not have dental coverage and they cannot get the needed number of dental health services. At the same time, the school understands how much these veterans have made for the population of the United States and it is the first step to express gratitude to these people. Hopefully, a number of other dental schools will do the same and veterans will have a chance to correct their dental and oral health.

Thanks to the grant of 1$ million received from Delta Dental, the students of this dental school will have a chance to get the proper experience in dental care and veterans to get timely dental care. The employees of this dental clinic will be presented by faculty and forth-year students but supervised by professional dentists that will not let the students to make any mistakes. The clinic is open every day and each person that took part in any military activities will be able to get the proper dental care provided by professionals.

What: Free Dental Care for Veterans
Where: CU Heroes Clinic, University of Colorado Denver
Contacts: 303-724-2VET

Photo by Brigita

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