Free Dental Screenings for Kids in Hudson Valley

Dental ScreeningsDentists believe that children should be started young to make them more comfortable of going to the dental clinic. They believe that at the age of 2 is the right time for children to start going to the dentist regularly.

They said it is vital to make children relaxed sitting in the dental chair. Dentists ensure that they have a happy experience. Dentists also talk to the parents about their children’s dental hygiene habits. People who have a bad experience with the dentist at the age of 5 will keep that experience with them all throughout their life. That’s why there are people who haven’t seen the dentist in 20 years. There is also a misconception that baby teeth are not vital. Dentists said that it is important to take care of the baby teeth as well.

On Jun 4, Dr. Franklin C. Lackee will provide free dental screenings to preschoolers from the Prime Time Child Care Center as well as other two to seven year olds in the community who don’t have a regular dentist.

He said that there are a lot of kids who are underserved. Parents can’t afford the dental fee. There are others who don’t know the importance of early screenings. Lackee estimated that around 20 percent of his practice involved pediatric patients and his goal is to prevent major dental works in the future.

Working with kids requires a lot of patience. Lackee recalled one child who had multiple cavities. He had four appointments before work can be done. He also named his tools to make them more child-friendly, such as Mr. Thirsty the suction device and Sugar Bug Train the drill.

During the free screening day, Dr. Lackee will work with two dental hygienists. They will be the ones who will see the children first before they go to Lackee.

Please call 343-1533 so the office could be ready.

Photo by Joseph Caballero [Public domain], undefined

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