Free Dental Services for Children Aged 6-15

Free Dental Services for Children Aged 6-15There are free dental care services for adults and a lot more clinics start holding free dental care days. But free dental care days are really rare in case of children. There are more opportunities to get affordable dental care for children as there are a lot of government supported health programs for kids. But some of the families still experience financial problems with access to dental services and every time, any of the clinics claim to provide free dental care services for kids, there is always a line of parents and kids waiting to get cleanings and other related dental services.

That is why when people hear that Christina’s Smile is going to visit their county, they start learning more information on the day when the kids could fix their dental issues. That is a mobile dental clinic that renders dental services for kids aged 6 to 15 and is going to come to Guilford County soon. Families that have kids of this age can sign up for free dental care services this summer. Any kid that has not received dental care for the last two years and whose parents cannot afford dental insurance will be considered eligible for a wide range of services.

All the dentists that work in the county may volunteer their skills and time to help kids with their dental problems. Besides, kids will have a chance to get sealants, fillings, extractions and root canals. Those dentists that agree to work for free will be provided with transportation. The event will take place in August and those who are interested in the services will have a chance to get registered right now. If you need more information on the services, you need to contact Guilford County Schools’ ESL Department for more information and affordable services.

Contact: (336) 370-8982 (registration)

Photo by Marcos Hernandez ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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