Free Dental Services in Salina Bicentennial Center

Free Dental Services in SalinaFamilies that do not have enough income can spend a substantial part of their family budget on dental care. That is why they are trying to save and prefer spending money on something more important. Fortunately, there is a range of opportunities that can be used to get affordable dental care.

One of the ways to prevent any dental care problems is to visit community health centers that can help such families receive timely dental care if it is required. Besides, our website is created to notify patients on any free dental care days which will help you save money on dental care. That is why we are happy to notify you that the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation is going to hold free dental care days on February, 13 – 14. You do not need to make any appointments and reservations as all patients will be served on first-come basis.

The average number of people to be treated on these days may reach 1800 patients. The clinic is going to spend about $140,000 that has been received in the form of grants and donations. The clinic is going to involve about 1,500 volunteers that will help patients get such services as extractions, fillings and dental hygiene. These are not the first free dental care days organized by the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation and for the last year it has spend about $12 million on over 24 000 patients.

It is a great chance to fix all your dental problems as the level of government assistance in the sphere of dental care is different from one state to another. Medicaid does not provide dental care services if you do not qualify but to check your chances you can visit the Medicaid website and see whether you can have some reductions.

What: Free Dental Care
When: Feb. 13 and 14
Where: Salina Bicentennial Center

Photo by DoD [Public domain], undefined

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