Free Dentistry Day for Residents of Brownstown

Free Dentistry DayAnother opportunity to get free dental services has appeared for patients from Brownstown. The professionals from Brownstown Dental Care note that the growing number of people cannot get the proper dental services and they need emergency treatments. The reasons for increased risks of oral and dental health problems appeared to be rather common.

Most of the patients cannot afford the dental services due to their problems to find a well-paid job or they do not have insurance. This Free Dentistry Day promises assistance to all people that cannot get the wanted dental care and, as considered by the local dentists, it is the day when they will give back to the community they serve. The mission of this Free Dentistry Day is to make people pay more attention to their dental and oral health problems and to make them think that preventative dental care is the way to have a beautiful smile without any pain.

People need to understand that they always have a choice if to get dental cleanings on a regular basis or to use extraction services which is a more expensive and painful way to treat the dental problems. The services will be provided for the residents of Brownstown and for those who do not have insurance and cannot afford it.

Due to our busy life styles, we do not care for our health but thanks to such opportunities, a person can get the needed help and to start leading a healthy life style. Keeping our oral health in a good condition is not a problem and even one free consultation with a professional will help you reach the needed effect. Any kid should know that regular cleanings and fillings will protect your teeth and gums from instruction and other associated problems.

What: Free Dentistry Day
Where: 19249 Allen Road, Brownstown
When: Friday, October 17
Contact: 1-734-479-1200


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