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Funding Dental ServicesDentists in Brown County are really concerned about the increasing number of people experiencing dental problems. The most frequent diseases are gum infection and cavity. People do not visit a dentist for a long time and it is the main reason for this situation in the county. That is why the existence of Delta Dental, a non-profit insurance agency, may be easily explained. Thanks to this non-profit organization dental clinics get the needed funding and low-income people may easily get the services they really need.

Delta Dental has transferred about $130,000 to local dental clinics in order to expand dental health services. The company explains such an increased number of diseases by the fact that the main part of dental clinics does not serve Medicaid patients. The company considers that each person needs to have free access to dental services of high quality. The mission of this company is to increase the opportunities of patients to get timely dental care despite medical conditions they may be influenced. Thanks to the funding provided by Delta Dental, dental clinics in Brown County have managed to serve 1,600 patients.

Additionally, a new dental hygiene clinic is going to open this summer. The clinic will have experienced dentists and oral health doctors that are going to provide services to uninsured or underinsured patients. Delta dental is not the only non-profit organization that helps patients to get affordable dental services. Brown County Oral Health Partnership is engaged in collecting money needed for expansion of dental services in Brown County. This organization has managed to serve 12,000 children his year. Another organization called the AIDs Resource Center granted the needed sum of money to get health management software which is designed to effectively manage dental care plans. Thanks to this software, dentists will be able to track outcomes of all dental services provided.

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