Get More Natural Look with Geneva 2000 Dentures

real teeth denturesMore than 40 million Americans wear dentures even if they live an uncomfortable life. A lot of them complain about dentures that don’t look good or don’t stay in place. Now available for dentists are Geneva 2000 Dentures. These are imported from Switzerland and look like real teeth.

Geneva 2000 Dentures are porcelain denture teeth that have a more natural look because each tooth has been handcrafted to create shape contrast throughout the entire row. Each set of dentures are custom made and created according to the patient’s facial features.

Before the creation of the dentures, measurements of the natural teeth and gums are carefully made. They will try to replicate how the tooth would normal show. The company will consider the patient’s age, personality, sex, and skin tone.

Traditional dentures are made by making the patient bite into a wax block to get the jaw and bite measurements. With Geneva 2000 dentures, they use a Vertical Centric Recorder to take the exact measurements. They also use Alameter and Papillameter to measure the mouth and facial structure. These tools are utilized to make aesthetic guidelines for the dentures. This reduces the instances of ill-fitting dentures that cause headaches and oral pain. They are also likely to become loose over time.

Geneva 2000 looks like natural translucent teeth by layering porcelain. The dentures are resistant to plaque, bacteria and abrasion. The dentist and lab technician work together in creating the dentures.

Dental professionals who are offer Geneva 2000 are trained in the art of tooth placement. This is one of the vital factors in creating natural looking dentures. You don’t have to settle for a uniform look with Geneva 2000. Most of the patients who got the dentures are satisfied with the results. They provide comfort, stability and efficiency when chewing.

Photo by Dominique M. Lasco [Public domain], undefined

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