Increased Risks of Tooth Decay in Athletes

Tooth Decay in AthletesPeople know that staying healthy is impossible without exercises. That is why all of us can go jogging in the morning or to the gym once a week, but the recent study shows that physical exercises can increase the risk of having tooth decay. But not only tooth decay appears to be a dental problem in athletes who spend most of their time training. Gum infection and tooth enamel erosion were discovered during the research.

Researchers came to the conclusion that professional athletes and long-distance runners can experience a great risk of poor oral health and a lot of dental problems. One of the reasons for these dental problems is that athletes remain energized and hydrated for a long time consuming a lot of sugar-based beverages. The researchers also noticed the relation between consuming sports drinks and tooth enamel erosion.

The more hours an athlete spends working out, the higher risk of cavities and gum infection is present. At the same time, the results of these studies show that the risk of having dental problems in athletes and non-athletes is the same when it comes to training and consuming sports beverages. Additionally, athletes showed a high level of alkaline when doing exercises and the increased alkalinity could be the cause of a tartar buildup.

That is why people who want to devote their life to sports need to take these facts into consideration. Regular visits to a dentist should become number one priority. The prevention and timely cleaning can reduce the risk of having gum infection and tooth decay. If you do exercises on a regular basis, you need to reduce the amount of sugar-based beverages consumed. This will prevent any changes in saliva of a person and will not cause increased tartar formation.

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