Inexperienced Dentists May Cause a Lot of Harm in Arizona

Inexperienced DentistsMedical doctors are really concerned about the situation with dental care in Arizona and other states. The thing is, after receiving a general license to practice, dentists without any experience can perform serious dental procedures. As a result, a young dentist may perform complicated oral surgeries without having a clue of consequences that may follow. In this case, advanced education is not obligatory for dentists. It is a bit unfair that regulations for medical doctors are much stricter and it’s hardly to imagine that dentists with forty years of experience are on the same level as young specialists are.

Experienced dentists consider that people should know that there are some dentists performing complicated surgeries without having education or training. Some of these young specialists have no fear and limits to perform these oral surgeries as they have a license provided by the state to practice dentistry.

There are also known facts that dentists invite patients to their homes and perform dental works there including implants and other serious procedures. Experienced dentists state that about 25 percent of patients need fixing mistakes that has been made by other dental professionals before. It is not an easy process and it takes a year or two to complete.

Besides, people are wasting money on fixing the mistakes made by other dentists. It is said that about 30 percent of complains in the sphere of health are connected to problems in oral surgery. The issue is actual and the solution for it should be found in the nearest time. Besides, according to the study released by the American Dental Association about 20 percent of all implants fixed in general dental practices failed within the time period of five years.

Changes should take place in this sphere as it is too frustrating for the patients when they need to fix the things they have already done. Training and specific education are necessary for dentists that will have to deal with serious and complicated oral surgeries.

Photo by Alecano23 [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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